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2014 National Council Session/53rd Convention

The 2014 National Council Session/53rd Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, promises to honor our cherished traditions and, at the same time, propel the Movement forward into the next 100 years of leadership for girls and women.

We hope you will join us in Salt Lake City on October 16-19, 2014. logo

GSRI’s Board Development Committee will appoint 6 delegates, including a girl, age 14-17 years old. But everybody is welcome to attend.

Responsibilities of the National Council members are listed in the Constitution of Girl Scouts of the USA, Article V, as found in the current Blue Book of Basic Documents (the 2012 edition), available on the Girl Scout website. These are:

  • Electing a National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee to provide leadership for the 2014-2017 triennium;
  • Providing direct input to the National Board on major topics to guide the direction of the Girl Scout Movement in years to come;
  • Voting on proposals and amendments to the Constitution placed on the agenda by the National Board; and
  • Receiving a National Board report on its stewardship of the Movement for the 2011-2014 triennium, with opportunity for dialogue.
  • National Council Delegates are selected by the Council’s Selection Committee to represent GSGLA at the National Council Session in November, every third year.

Delegates will officially be voted-in and presented at the Annual Meeting on May 1, 2014.

Including pre-event trainings and meetings, the selected Delegates will reach out to the GSRI membership and gather opinions and comments regarding the proposal decisions at the National Council Session.

Selected delegates from all councils have the ability and may at the Council Session amend GSUSA’s Constitution, establish requirements for credentials, discuss and vote on proposals, and influence the strategic direction of the Movement by providing guidance to the National Board.

Post-event duties include sharing personal/group experiences as well as decisions that were made at the National Council Session.

Find out more: the convention website is

Girl Scout Leadership Institute

Some girls attend the National Convention as voting delegates. Others are invited to attend The Girl Scout Leadership Institute (GSLI), a triennial conference that provides girls 14 and older with three days of leadership skill-building activities tied to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Hear from past GSLI attendees:

This year’s GSLI theme – GIRLS CHANGE THE WORLD -- has never been more true! Girls will choose among seven popular issues and design related projects that will enable them to go out and make a difference in their communities.

Find out more about the Girl Scout Leadership Institute.