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Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

The National Girl Scout Program Portfolio is now complete with the publication of the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting (GGGS). Each age level has its own handbook which contains all the information needed to provide an interesting and vibrant program of Girl Scouting activities. How it Works shows how all the pieces of the new program fit together.

The core of the program is the three Journey books, a coordinated series of activities grouped around a single theme and delivered over a set period of time. Each journey is tied to some of Girl Scouts' 15 national outcomes (PDF) for girls, as defined in the Girl Scout Leadership Model. These outcomes are integral to the three leadership keys: discover, connect, and take action.

In addition, there is a new set of badges for each age level.

What Daisies Do
What Brownies Do
What Juniors Do
What Cadettes Do
What Seniors Do
What Ambassadors Do

Badges are divided into new categories: Legacy badges which cover traditional badge topics (Artist, The Girl Scout Way, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Athlete, and Naturalist); Skill Building badges, which expand on skills in each Journey book program; Financial Literacy and Cookie Business badges, one for each year; and Make Your Own badge. There are also new pins: My Promise, My Faith, the new religious award program and the Journey Summit pin for troops that complete all the Journey books for their age level.

For more information, please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions.

Program Boxes

Are you looking for new program ideas and the supplies to deliver the program? If you are, then a Program Box rental is for you! A list of the boxes appears below. To borrow one of these boxes, contact your Membership Specialist. Boxes may be borrowed for a two-week period.

Backyard Nature: Activities and resources that will help girls experience the out-of-doors! The box contains easy birding activities and bird identification books. Also included are winter activities, s'more making resources, and ideas for bringing the camping spirit to your troop/group.

Camp Program Backpacks: Each GSRI camp is now equipped with a backpack full of outdoor program opportunities. The packs contain ideas, resources and equipment you can use to make your troop camp experience extraordinary and educational. What's inside? Binoculars, magnifying glasses, compasses, nature identification books, paper jackknives, knot ropes, cookbooks, animal track identification, nature games and more! Look for the backpacks (purple or yellow) hanging inside the camp lodges (at Camp Hoffman the pack is inside House by the Side of the Road).

Ceremonies: Flags, candles and holders, flowers, song books, CDs, song tapes,and ribbons are included, along with a notebook containing scripts for many ceremonies.

Connections: Explore different cultures, religions, ways of life, ethnicity, and adapting activities for people with special needs. Learn about food allergies, and asthma and being friends with children who are different from us.

Culinary Cuisine: Cookbooks, utensils, pot holders, bowls, recipes, etc. Games and activities that will help girls learn more about healthy eating and the importance of food safety during preparation and cooking. Everything you need to cook up a storm!

Fit and Fun: Includes sports and games for all ages. Some sports equipment is included, as well as resources about keeping your heart healthy.

Fishing Fun: Fishing is a popular wildlife-related activity. This program box has plenty to offer the beginning angler. Fishing poles, lures, etc are all included.

Games for Life: Board games may seem "old school" but they're still a super-fun way to teach kids about following rules, fairness and more. This box contains many classic board games for your fun and enjoyment.

Hand Arts: Knitting needles, crochet needles, patterns and yarn are just some of the materials found in this box. You can also experience the fun of scrapbooking with decorative scissors, stickers, paper, etc. Learn a new craft today!

How to Handle an Emergency: Ready for anything, this box contains many resources that are age-appropriate and fun to help girls learn about emergency preparedness.

Juliette's Treasures: Activities relating to Juliette Low and the history of Girl Scouting in the USA.

Money Smarts: From saving to spending to investing - learn all about money. Activities for all ages are included.

Our Flag: Girl Scouts is one of the few places that a girl can still learn about the importance of the American flag. This program box contains the songs and symbols of America so that Girl Scouts can show respect at appropriate times.

Sewing 101: Sew pillows, blankets, pajamas, hats, purses and more. This box contains two sewing machines, patterns and scraps of fabric.

Songs to Sing: Girl Scout songs, camping songs, folk songs, and solemn songs are all covered in this program box, which contains song books, tapes, and CDs.

Uniquely ME!: For Juniors and above. Discover your inner-self and all the things that make you beautiful and unique! Activities and crafts that are easy and help encourage girls' self-esteem.

WAGGGS and International Traditions: Explore Girl Scout and international customs from around the world. Stories, games, and resources to share with your troop/group.